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310 Shake – which boasts an all-new, enhanced formula – is our #1 rated shake for many reasons. Its new formula not only features a top quality Tri-Plex™ protein blend (now with proven plant-based proteins instead of whey), but also has a vitamin/mineral blend, a superfood greens blend, and probiotics which all benefit the overall health of the user. Ultimately, it has everything a superior meal replacement shake should have, ensuring you get the proper nutrition you need for each meal whilst supporting weight loss.

Users report that the new 310 Shake flavors are richer, creamier, and even more delicious than the previous formula, plus the proteins help people stay full longer. The triple plant-based proteins (hemp, brown rice and pea) are scientifically backed to support effective weight loss and enhanced wellness. The all-new shake formula is sugar, gluten, dairy, and soy free, and contains no artificial ingredients or potentially dangerous chemicals.

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310 Shake is a lifestyle, not a diet. By replacing two meals with 310 Shake, you’re still able to indulge in your favorite foods and also reduce your daily calorie consumption for maximum weight loss. With lots of delicious recipes available on the website, it would be hard to get bored.

Developed by a team of clinical nutritionists using the proprietary Tri-Plex™ blend, the formula offers the highest ratio of absorption, ensuring your body gets the nutrition it needs.

Superior Ingredients: 
Vegan and dairy free, 310 Shakes contain only naturally-derived ingredients. At 90 calories per serving, one 310 Shake contains 20% of your daily fiber requirement. Using only the highest quality ingredients, each 310 Shake is naturally sweetened and contains 5 grams of fiber to help quench your hunger. With only 7 grams of carbohydrates per serving, 310 Shakes are a high protein, low carbohydrate, healthy meal replacement shake option.

Each serving contains 15 grams of pea, brown rice, and hemp proteins.

Pea protein activates the release of the hormones in your body which tell you when you are full and keeps you satisfied between meals. Pea protein also helps control sugar cravings. High in branched chain amino acids, pea protein reduces belly fat whilst maintaining muscle.

Rice protein is low in fat and calories, and is also effective in lowering cholesterol. Studies show that rice protein taken after exercise can be effective in helping muscles recover faster. Rice protein contains unique peptides which help reduce weight faster.

Hemp protein is nearly 100% protein, which means it takes more energy for your body to turn that protein into energy for your body to burn. This will raise your body’s metabolism and speed up your weight loss. Hemp is also full of fiber, helping you feel full, and it contains omega-3s and essential fatty acids for health.

310 Shake contains 1 billion CFU probiotics per serving for gut health, good digestion and a healthy immune system. Probiotics help speed up your metabolism.

With a proprietary vitamin and mineral blend including Vitamins E and A, as well as minerals magnesium, calcium and potassium added, your overall health is supported.

As if that wasn’t healthy enough, the 310 Shakes now have a greens blend which contains powerful organic superfoods like kale, spinach, spirulina, cracked cell chlorella, alfalfa juice powder, beet juice and pomegranate juice extract. These nutritional powerhouses are high in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

Mouthwatering Flavors: 
The 310 Shake comes in different delicious flavors so there is one to suit everybody. Flavors include: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and private reserve flavor, Vanilla Chai (only available for a limited time).

Good Price: 
Even with the added benefits, 310 Shake is still the same price at only $2.43 per serving (less on Autoship), which is impressive considering that it’s less than the cost of an average meal, plus it offers both proven ingredients for weight loss and well-balanced nutrition. With a no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your results, 310 Shake can be returned for your money back within 30 days.

310 Shake offers a low price guarantee – if you find their product for a lower price online they will match that price for up to 30 days after purchase. They will match any authorized Amazon seller too. Simply call or email their customer support and you will receive a refund for the difference in the original selling price and the current advertised price, which is their promise to their customers.

With the 310 Shake Autoship option, customers can get 5% off products and scheduled monthly deliveries with no delivery cost and can opt out at any time with no cost or penalty.

The shake is also simple to make by just mixing with water or another beverage, or blending with other healthy ingredients.

Health Benefits: 
As well as losing weight, hemp protein can help control blood sugar spikes and keep your body’s blood sugar regulated. Increased blood sugar is linked to diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Over time, elevated blood sugar can lead to kidney failure and blindness.

High in omega-3 fatty acids, these acids are effective in reducing the risk of heart disease, lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure.

The branched chain amino acids found in pea protein promote muscle growth and help prevent fatigue.

Probiotics are essential for a healthy digestive system and to help your body fight disease. Probiotics have also been linked with lowering high blood pressure.

The greens blend contains many healthy antioxidants such as coenzyme Q, many B vitamins as well as vitamins C and E, iron and other minerals. It also contains betaine, a nutrient research indicates is good for your heart.

Science Behind 310 Shakes: 
Many weight loss shakes go through a high heat manufacturing process which degrades and diminishes the potency of the original proteins, stripping them of their nutritional value. The 310 Shake is manufactured in an FDA-certified facility and uses cold cross-flow filtration which retains the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins of the proteins.

Great Support: 
310 Shake has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages offering the 310 Shake community support, inspiration and access to others’ success stories.

Lose weight without losing energy or muscle. Increase your metabolism and control those cravings once and for all. Receive support from the 310 Shake family. Backed by research and real peoples’ results. Join the growing number of people who have discovered 310 Shake and changed their lives with our #1 weight loss shake formula.


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    1. WLS

      Hello Bryant,
      The first two ingredients in Herbalife is soy protein and fructose (basically sugar)… Not only are these two ingredients very controversial (see our blog on soy) but they counteract your weight loss efforts as sugar (in any form) has been linked to weight gain and other issues. The main difference in premium shakes like 310 Shake is that you will not find artificial flavoring, sugars, soy, etc… Herbalife leverages soy proteins and 310 Shake uses 3 different kinds of whey protein and pea protein. 310 Shake also uses natural flavoring, like stevia leaf extracts and monk fruit which cost much much more than using sugars and artificial flavorings. Hope this helps.

  1. Xena Little

    I’ve been on the new recipe of 310 Shake for a 2wks now and I feel this stuff is really making a difference for me. I’ve lost 8 lbs as a result of replacing qty 2 meals a day which really isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I still eat my normal dinner. If I can keep this up I really believe I’ve found my holy grail! Did I mention this stuff taste great. I have used Shakeology in the past and don’t like the awful taste, therefore always found a way to skip the shake. 310 Shake taste much better and I really look forward to drinking it, almost like my morning coffee now. I’m sold.

  2. Bridgette

    I love the 310 Shake! I’ve tried almost every shake on the market and this is by far my favorite. It does not contain soy, artificial sugars, etc (all these make you gain weight folks!)…this stuff will get you results as it’s sourced from all natural organic sources and best value. It curbs my hunger during the day.

  3. LauraB

    I’ve tried the new blend with the 310 Slim appetite suppressant and I have to say this is the first shake that has actually kept me feeling full for more than an hour. Whatever it is in this shake works! I’ve lost 23 pounds in 5 weeks and I really feel like it’s because of these shakes. I’ve replaced breakfast with a shake and usually take one in the afternoon when the hunger creeps in again. Sometimes I’ll even have a third shake at night. I asked my doctor if this was too much protein and he said “not at all.” He said to keep doing what I was doing. I plan on keep drinking these shakes.

  4. Great taste

    This will keep you full for atleast 3 hours! Non of the others gave me this suppresion..Thanks 310 Shake.

  5. Sara

    My goal was to lose 30 lbs, and at just 2 months in, I am well on my way! But ‘m not just watching the numbers on the scale go down, my abs are getting ripped! I still eat the same foods I love, I work out 3 times a week…but the fat is literally falling off me! I’m not sure how you’ve done it, 310 Shake is AWESOME, thank you!!

  6. Carl

    The top trainer at my gym recommended 3-1-0 shake to my girlfriend and I now see why. It works!
    She lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks. Get this for your gals!

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