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Alive! Whole Food Ultra Shake by Nature’s Way is a meal replacement shake that may have an interesting taste, but is chalk-full of fruits, veggies, vitamins and nutrients.  It is quite affordable compared to other shakes, at $1.73 per shake, and is known to keep you energized all day.

Unfortunately, it does contain soy protein (15 grams) and several artificial ingredients such as fructose and maltodextrin, which we are not advocates of at all.

All-in-all, this shake is a great source of quality vitamins and minerals and has a low caloric make up.  However, we’d advise you to stay away from any shake that contains soy and artificial ingredients.


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  1. christian sanders Post author

    I would definitely recommend this product. I would also recommend picking up some chocolate milk while you’re at the store. I love how there are so many vitamins, minerals, antioxidant blends and other things that are good for you. My body gets everything that it’s supposed to. However, the taste is just….yeah. Don’t forget the chocolate milk. That’s all I can say about it.

  2. Amber Mason Post author

    This shake has a ton of amazing ingredients in it. My husband and I drink it daily and we feel so much better during the day. If you want a great milkshake like taste, don’t bother with this shake but that’s not what you’re supposed to be drinking it for.

  3. Allen Fischer Post author

    The vanilla is sweet and not really…bad. The sweetness isn’t from an artificial sweetener, so that’s great. I down it. I feel like it gives me the nutrition I need and it stops most of my cravings. I don’t love the smell. It smells like play-doh. Don’t smell it, just drink it. The texture is…interesting. It gives you a bit of a foamey like texture when you blend in the blender. There is kind of a slimey grit to it so I just down it really quickly. It has tons of nutrients and benefits, like fiber, it is low calorie and NON-GMO soy protein. All in all, it’s a good product but has some gross out factors to it. But I guess it works.

  4. jennaaaaaaaay Post author

    I was skeptical at first but the mix of vitamins, fiber and everything else gives me a huge boost in energy. Plus, it gives me more vitamins and nutrients than I’d be getting if I wasn’t using it! I definitely recommend it. You can pick different flavors as well.

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