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Evolv has a line of meal replacement shakes that have a whey and pea core protein base. In our opinion and the opinion of many top nutritionist whey and pea blends are the best possible proven blends in shakes today.  Evolv has zero soy-products, no artificial flavors and no artificial sweeteners.  Although Evolv has a higher price point,  $42 for a 2 week supply, this is typically what you will pay for “all natural” ingredients without soy, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors. Evolv also includes a unique blend of fiber and grains that they call Mod Carb™, which is a proven appetite suppressant, a natural way to curb your hunger.  We do see evaporated can juice (basically sugar) is high on the ingredient list and we wish they would have kept their sugars down on such a great blend of proteins, 8grams per serving.  They compliment can juice with a natural stevia leaf extract to sweeten the taste.  Stevia is a good choice because it is an all-natural sweetener that has no known side effects.  However, it does cost more than artificial sweeteners like sucralose, maltodextrin and aspartame, which contributes to the higher price of this product.  This diet shake is something we would recommend for you to try, if you can afford it.

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  1. Rita

    I love this shake, mainly because it utilizes pea and whey protein, a proven combination. Because of the price, $3 per shake, I have been forced to cut back. I now get pea protein and substitute to save some extra funds.

  2. Beth

    Have been using these shakes for 3 months now, if I work at it I can lose weight, but I love the taste and the ease. I am a full time Mom, who works full time and goes to college part time. These shakes are great to not only keep me going during the day when I am hungry.

  3. greatblend

    Evolv is as advertised. Is delicious and it works. I would recommend this drink to everyone. Try it you’ll like it.

  4. Rosey

    This product works.
    I use it every day, I drink 2 shakes a day and there are over 150 different combinations and they all tastes wonderful!

  5. caseyCar

    Was very surprised that this shake taste ok with out all the artificial stuff. I blend it with ice and frozen strawberries, sugar substitute and it is delicious and puts my hunger at bay for a long time. Just what I was looking for. The sender was top notch. Received it much sooner than expected.

  6. Connie

    Love this stuff… finally found a shake without soy and all the artificial stuff. I was using Shakeology and switched to this shake because all the Fructose shakeology had.

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