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This product is claimed to help dieters shed more weight than mere dieting alone. It essentially increases energy and reduces BMI (body mass index). This product is intended to be taken in conjunction with regular exercise. It comes in a rapid-release caplet form, and is directed to be taken with a full glass of water, up to three times daily. Ideally it should be taken 30 minutes prior to each major meal. According to the official website, users are not supposed to snack at all between meals when taking Hydroxycut Pro Clinical. This formula should not be taken before bedtime (at least five hours prior to going to sleep). It is advised that users consume at least eight glasses of water every day while taking this diet product.

The rapid-release capsules allow you to feel the energizing effects rather quickly. Hydroxycut does provide the full list of ingredients which some companies are scared to do. This formula does contain an extremely high amount of caffeine which has been known to cause dehydration, headaches and restlessness. Bottom line with this product is there may be some negative side effects that come with the good.

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  1. Roger

    I tried this product for 2 months. I did not gain or lose weight. I did not change my diet or activity level. I must admit that I am not considered to be overweight based on my BMI, and I don’t eat junk food. However, as I got older, I gained 10 lbs the past 5 years which changed my waist line significantly. I wanted to shed 10 lbs so I could fit into my old pants comfortably. I may not be the best candidate for diet supplements. Those people who claim that they lost a lot of weight appear that they had a lot of extra weight/fat to lose to start with. If you need to lose just 5-10 lbs and you are already eating healthy (which was my case), this may not be the solution for you. Most likely, you need to do it in a old fashion way; increase the activity level and/or decrease the calorie intake.

  2. Happy

    I have been useing this to help with loosing weight and it works just like it says it will it curves your appetite and gives you the energy that food once did so you feel like working out and dieting too it is a great product.

  3. BenZZ

    I have used this product before and loved the energy I got from it. I can’t take many over the counter meds cause I am on prescription meds. I was feeling tired all the time and could not get anything done. So I bought this product. It gave me lots of energy to get the things done that needed to get done. I only take one tablet in the morning and it helps me. You can take two tablets, but one is just right for me. You need to try it.

  4. Tracy

    I purchased these because I had heard they were pretty good. I was not displeased with them, they did help suppress my appetite. I did get really jittery and funny feeling and had a constant headache.
    I only took them for a few days, though I did give it enough time for these side effects to go away, they did not. I have ordered the caffeine free Hydroxycut, hopefully I will have a better response to them. I don’t usually have any kind of reaction to caffeine but I do drink several cups of coffee a day, maybe it was too much combined with the pills.
    I do recommend these to anyone who can tolerate them, be sure to combine taking them with a reasonable diet and exercise. I watch what I eat and exercise 4-5 days a week. I hope to have great results with the caffeine free. Overall, I think it is a good product.

  5. Greg

    I love Hydroxycut. It works better than any other weight loss supplement that I’ve used before.

    The key to having things like this work is the age old Diet and Exercise.

    I use this when I am trying to lose weight and get stuck at a certain point and regular diet and exercise stop working. This helps to raise your metabolism which helps my body jump start the weight loss again.

    I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a little help getting weight loss started.

  6. save your $

    i dont know why people buy this and how they can advertise this. bought it for a friend of mine hoping that it will help him to reduce some weight. did nothing, absolutely nothing at all.

  7. Nicky

    Bought this stuff and I didn’t expect any magic or anything like that but everytime I’d take these pills they would make feel weird…it would hurt my tummy, and I felt light headed, and it was just a weird feeling in me that I couldn’t explain at all. I stopped taking it for a while. A few weeks later I tried again, and after taking it 30 min later I got all those weird feelings back. I never tried again.
    Definitely not for everybody.

  8. Victory

    HydroxyCut pretty much does what it states, it has helped reduce hunger throughout the day, I’m already a very active person so I didn’t notice any burst of energy or metabolism though.

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