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Idealshape ..we love the fact that this is a direct to consumer (non MLM) shake. This frequently equates to more expensive ingredients at a lower price point because they do not have to pay high fees to distributors and middlemen.

However in this particular case, even though it has a great price point, roughly $1.50 per serving, we see no reason for excitement here. Idealshape contains some of the most controversial ingredients on the market today. Just “Google” some of its key ingredients — like soy, artificial flavors, sucralose, acsefame potassium, etc — and come to your own conclusions. Idealshape touts “great” taste in their shakes and we have no quarrel. But this claim is almost humorous — good taste comes at the expense of good health. Anyone can make their product taste good with artificial sweeteners and flavoring. Don’t believe it? Just go get a vanilla shake at McDonalds and look at the label — you’ll find artificial flavors and sweeteners there too.
Since evidence strongly points to an array of health concerns with artificial sweeteners and flavorings (including weight gain), we believe the real challenge is to find a shake without these harmful ingredients that still tastes good. Now we know what many of you are thinking… OH NO, they like the vegan-type shakes that I think taste awful — right? Absolutely not. There are many new shakes on the market that have mastered the flavor trick naturally using such sweeteners as erythritol, stevia leaf extracts, yacon syrup, etc. While the use of “natural sweeteners” costs more than the artificial alternative, we believe they are well worth a little higher price for your long term health.

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  1. Bethony Jamison

    I’ve been using Idealshape for 2 years and have great results with it. The vanilla is my favorite flavor.

  2. Rosa Aswani

    I had so so results with Idealshape and got off it because it had soy protein in it… I went vegan and am feeling much better with my Vega!

  3. confused!

    I saw several great reviews on Idealshape but I have to say I’m confused because of it’s label. Fillers, artificial flavors, sweeteners, and several other things I can not pronounce. Why is this shake rated so high?

  4. Scarlet

    Idealshape taste great! I’ve used to use Slimfast and really like the taste of Idealshape…easy to swallow.

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