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Product Overview

Isagenix Isalean is a multi-level marketing appetite suppressant shake that uses a hormone-free whey foundation from New Zealand.  We are very happy to see the use of whey as a protein base rather than soy.  The filtered protein isolate is done with organic materials and this would make it a great shake option in our opinion except for the fact that this product contains an ingredient we just aren’t crazy about.

Controversial Ingredients:

Fructose is a monosaccharide (simple sugar) that the body can use for energy.  At one point, fructose was thought of as a good alternative to sucrose (table sugar) because it has a low glycemic index, which means it does not cause blood sugar to rise tremendously.  However, it has been a controversial ingredient lately, as the American Diabetes Association and nutritional experts have found that when too much fructose enters the liver, the liver cannot process it fast enough for the body to use as sugar.  It actually makes fats from the fructose and sends them to the bloodstream as triglycerides, which in turn can cause you to gain weight.  Excess consumption is a major contributor to obesity, cancer, liver disease and insulin resistance, amongst a number of other health risks.

In conclusion, this is a good, soy-free product that is high in protein, but since fructose is also high up in its list of ingredients, and because of its steep price point ($56 for a 2 week supply), it is not our first choice!

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  1. Kristopher J

    Very convenient as I like having this on hand. The vanilla is a great neutral flavor that you can add anything too. It makes it easier to add fruit or yogurt for a change of flavor.

  2. ChooperGal

    Ok, so I’m really sold on this Isalean yet but probably too early to tell. I purchased it because my doctor recommended it but I have not seen it really do much for me. Better luck for you.

  3. Pricey

    For how pricey this stuff is I thought I ordered 2 when I only received one package, wow. For only one container I have now just doubled the price. I will not order from this website again. I’m looking for something a bit more affordable.

  4. Igrid

    I just recently tried Isalean and got into the world of protein supplements and have tried several, Shakeology, Medifast, Slim Fast, etc. I have had to gag this stuff down because of the aftertaste. I don’t know what causes it, but it tastes like cardboard. Maybe if it was chocolate flavored, the cardboard taste would be masked. I know this stuff isn’t supposed to taste like ice-cream, but I’m really surprised at how awful it tastes.

  5. Vallerie

    Being 20lbs over weight this is a very satisfying and nutritious shake. I blend it with ice and frozen strawberries, sugar substitute and it is delicious and puts my hunger at bay for a few hours. This stuff is just what I was looking for.

  6. Nera

    Expensive, but I found that it does work. Make sure you snack 2 hours after with a bar or some nuts. Must be disciplined to get results. Light cardio on the side is all you need or to do an average of 5 miles run/walk a week. If you cycle…keep up your routine. Water is a complete must and even more important start with a cleanse!

  7. Shannon

    I have been using Isagenix for many years and have thoroughly enjoyed the `Vanilla’ shake with a couple of scoops of the orange energy powder I ordered two containers of the new vanilla and urrrggggg. The new flavor, `Creamy Vanilla flavor and texture was horrible. I actually had a gag reflex after the first swallow. Are you still going to manufacture and distribute the original `Vanilla’ flavor? I don’t know if you have had any complaints, but I will no longer being buying Isagenix if I cannot get the original flavor. Being home on military leave this was such a disappointment. I have lost about 20 pounds drinking the shakes.

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