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The Labrada Lean Body shakes claim that they are not meant for weight loss, which may explain why they contain 330 calories and 6 grams of sugar per serving.  They do contain a good amount of vitamins and minerals, but we wanted to take a deeper look into the ingredients that make up this product.

Controversial Ingredients:

We found that this shake has a whey and soy protein base.  We love the whey, but soy is an ingredient that we like to stay away from, as there have been a variety of health side effects linked to products containing soy protein, such as food allergies, thyroid issues, danger for pregnant or nursing women, and more.

We also found sucralose in this product.  Sucralose is an artificial sweetener and grocery and retail chains have been taking products containing sucralose off the shelves, Whole Foods being the most recent to do so.  There have been a plethora of reported side effects including head and muscle aches, stomach cramps and diarrhea, bladder issues, skin irritation, dizziness and more.

Fructose is also found in this shake, which is a simple sugar that the body can use for energy.  Unfortunately, the American Diabetes Association and nutritional experts have gathered that when too much fructose enters the liver, the liver cannot process it fast enough for the body to use as a sugar and instead starts making fats and sending them off into the bloodstream as triglycerides, causing you to gain weight.

Lastly, Acesulfame potassium or Acesulfame-K is found in this product, which is a potassium salt containing methylene chloride, a known carcinogen.  Reported side effects to this include headaches, nausea, mood problems and more.

This shake does have a high amount of protein, but it is relatively pricey at $3.50 per shake.  This, combined with so many ingredients that we recommend against, makes us think its best to try one of the other many options out there.


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  1. Rachel B. Post author

    I read a lot of good reviews on this product so I ordered it online and it was awful. So hard to mix with liquid bc it clumps at the bottom of the shaker cups. It has a chalky taste and a gross aftertaste. Don’t waste your money on this product!

  2. alan rhode Post author

    Excellent nutritional values paired with a great taste. I would recommend this to someone looking for a protein shake or meal replacement. It fills me up in comparison to other protein shakes. I will be buying this product again.

  3. Delores Schofield Post author

    I want to lose weight. I’m seeing results but I find it way too sweet. It tastes like over sweetened cake batter and the smell is awful. My husband likes it though…he started it because he was encouraged by my results!

  4. sarah Post author

    I didn’t like the first one I tried, it didn’t go down well. However I had another one and I liked it. I do 2 scoops with ice, water and a banana. I’ve been doing this for breakfast and lunch. I have a healthy dinner and I snack on nuts. I lost 7 lbs already!

  5. Paul Ravenal Post author

    Wanted more of an appetite suppressant, so this wasn’t really what I was looking for, but it tasted good.

  6. skatergirl Post author

    Tastes so good! I’ve started replacing dinner with this shake and in the past week have lost 4 lbs! Totally going to purchase more.

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