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Lipo-6 is a powerful and fairly popular weight loss pill from Nutrex. This particular formula utilizes liquid soft gels for maximum absorption and fast results. When Lipo-6 was created in 2005 it was the first liquid capsule fat burner on the market. The active ingredient found in Lipo-6 is Synephrine, a stimulant based chemical very similar to Ephedrine (the former king of all fat burners). Synephrine is currently marketed, usually in combinations with other drugs such as caffeine, as an over-the-counter stimulant and weight-loss-promoting dietary supplement for oral consumption. The use of Synephrine has been clinically linked to weight loss in human subjects. To view the complete clinical study on Synephrine go to http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16436104

In recent years Lipo-6 has garnered a large following in the competitive bodybuilding and fitness world for it’s ability to burn the small amount of fat that remains after an extended period of extreme diet and exercise. It has become known as a ‘’polishing’’ fat burner that really has no place for the average person looking to lose more than 5 lbs.

Users commonly report sleeplessness and anxiety when taking Lipo-6 most likely due to it’s intense affect the CNS (central nervous system). This product will aid you in achieving small fat loss goals but is not shown to produce significant reductions in body mass.


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  1. SarahGrant

    Ok..my test on week two.. Really works, I lost 5lb in 3 weeks and I felt more energy, I going swimming twice a week and have a healthy diet, but the help of this products was crucial

  2. GoodResults

    Although is was skeptical that this product would suppress my appetite I thought I would give it a try And from everything I read it may take up to three weeks to start appreciating the difference. But it didn’t take me long to figure out that there was truth to what I had read about the product. It not only suppresses my appetite and carb cravings but I just feel better and have more energy. Not only that but the Lipo provides support that I wasn’t expecting when I chose there product. Needless to say I’m a believer now.

  3. LIPOnot

    I faithfully took this product for 30 days along with a diet and exercise program. I did not lose any weight during this time. I cannot say that it was helpful in any way.

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