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Metabolife Slender Satisfaction is a product that is targeted for women, utilizing a whey and soy blend.  We like the fact that it is a shake made for women, but we do not like that they use a soy protein at all.

Metabolife has a large following behind its products, but with the presence of soy, we are already skeptical at how good this product actually is.  Well, along with soy, this drink contains a controversial artificial sweetener “sucralose”, which is a synthetic additive created by chlorinating sugar.  More and more grocery and retail chains have been taking products containing sucralose off of their selves, Whole Foods being the more recent one.  This product also contains artificial flavors, which could explain why this shake tastes so darn good!

This shake is low in calories and has a high level of fiber in it, but it also contains a low level of nutrients – we’d recommend that you take your money elsewhere, as there are superior, more natural shakes on the market these days.

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  1. Jason Post author

    I really liked this shake until I looked into the ingredients and I was horrified. How can they sell this stuff? It’s shocking. I stopped using it the second I realized that this “healthy” shake isn’t so healthy at all.

  2. michelleyyyy Post author

    I like this shake because it tastes good and it definitely curbs my hunger. I think I’ll continue using it to see what it can do for me!

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