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Green Coffee Premium boast 1200mg (per 3 capsules) of the most potent form chlorogenic acid (the stuff that makes green coffee bean work) available.  It’s called GCA® which is the strongest, most clinically proven form of chlorogenic acid on the market. It has over 50% chlorogenic acid and is the only green coffee extract found in the most successful clinical trials where participants lost over 17 lbs while on GCA® Green Coffee Extract.  The main concern with this capsule is absorption.  Physicians Reference Desk states that most pills only offer 10-20% bioavailability (meaning your wasting 80% of your money if you don’t address it).  You can have your cake and eat it too, look at our #1 form of Green Coffee which carries this same version of GCA but also offers a clinically proven absorption enhancer called (Bioperine) which has been shown to greatly increase absorption.



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  1. Beth Tissue

    Given this did not really work for me, meaning it did not curb my appetite at all. it made me feel a little nauseated for the first 10 minutes after consuming the pill, but that’s all. I have seen no benefits from this pill at all.

  2. Andrew Swimmer

    I saw the reviews on Premium and was intrigued. What an amazing product.
    I have lost 10 lbs. in one month. Since I just turned 60 yrs. old,
    I find it very hard to lose weight in the past.
    This works!!!

  3. Patson

    Green Coffee Premium has given me a new stance in life, energy. Which in the past has always been an issue with dieting for me. Given my physical job. For that alone it has been worth the cost. I have been on a pretty strict diet and had already lost 20 lbs. So not sure how much in the future that I can say is from this product. But again for the energy alone that I’m now getting, I would take this and recommend it.

  4. Heath

    I had NEVER tried supplements to lose weight before now. I’m always only about 7-15 pounds away from my target weight. So, I never saw the need. But having hit my 40s, I had to accept the fact that my diet and exercises just weren’t enough. So, I gave this a try. I’ve been on this for exactly 2 weeks today. I’ve lost 4 pounds so far.

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