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In response to the popularity of raspberry Ketones, several companies have released a liquid formula of sublingual drops. This liquid form addresses two big issues, absorption and purity. The liquid is said to absorb faster and be free of fillers and binders. After inspecting the label we found that this particular formula contains 20% USP Grade Alcohol, creating a burning sensation in the mouth. The label says it has a blended formula totaling 160 mg, but the actual amount of each ingredient is not listed. Raspberry ketones are the only proven fat burner listed, so even if this contained 160 mg of pure raspberry ketones, it would still fall short of the recommended dose of 500 mg.  While we support new delivery technologies, products must still meet recommended daily requirements.

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  1. Suzi Q

    Liquid is the way to go!. I have been taking this for less than 30 days, and I have to be honest, I have not been the best eater. I can tell that my appetite has decreased and I eat smaller portions. I do not have the jitters are weird side affects that other weight loss drugs have. I am going to try this for another couple months and implement with a healthy diet and exercise to see how this affects my weight loss.

  2. NICK

    I have been pleasantly surprised w/ this liquid. I lost 3 lbs in a week with no changes of eating. Will purchase again.

  3. tonya s.


    Helped curb my appetite
    Helped me lose 7 lbs
    Taste was pleasant (not delicious but not bad either)
    Provided spike in energy


    Drops have to be kept under tongue for about 3 minutes, which helps them work and I realize makes them faster working then pills, but is certainly more a pain in the butt then simply popping some caps in the morning.

  4. needcarbs425

    I wanted to like this product, mostly because I was looking forward to a little help in my weight loss journey. I was hoping for the added energy, at least. I used as directed–twice a day, half a dropper full under the tongue for 3-5 minutes 30 minutes before meals. At first, I did think it was giving me energy but I think that was the placebo effect. Next time I am going to find a higher quality pill form of raspberry ketones. Also there are some formulas here that actually have absorption aiding ingredients added.

  5. Ivana

    My husband and I have been taking it for 3wks. He lost 14lbs and I lost 15lbs and almost 1.5 inches of my waist. I apply 1/4 of the dropper under my tongue for 3min. It curbs my appetite and gives me lots of energy without jitters. I eat sensible meals most of the time and I snack on junk(chips,cake,candy,pretzels) late-night. And very little exercise. I can only imagine how great this product would work if I exercised daily and eliminated late-night snacking. This product is excellent! I’ve already ordered my second bottle.

  6. getfit2014

    I started with the liquid form of this product because I thought it would absorb better than pills. I was wrong, just left a weird taste in my mouth that took 3 cups of coffee and a bottle of water to get rid of. I won’t buy cheap again when it comes to ketone products.

  7. HoneyBOO

    RK liquid works. According to Dr. Oz, this product is supposed to help with weight loss. And who doesn’t need that? Would recommend this product for anyone to use.

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