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Raspberry Ketone Premium is a well rounded product containing 1000mg of raspberry ketones with no fillers, binders or extra ingredients. A premium product like this can help you to increase your adiponectin levels which will help your body burn fat and lose weight.  And high levels of adiponectin are found in skinnier people.   One major concern with Raspberry Ketone Premium is absorption and or lack of ingredients addressing this critical issue.   As it’s not how mg you take but how many you absorb that counts.  Knowing that we only absorb 10-20% of most capsules it’s critical to have a product which addresses this critical issue.

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  1. Patti

    Bad Choice. I took first bottle for 30 days. Not a pound lost. Big farce. I feel like a fool for paying $100.00 for 3 bottles. 2 are unopened which I am not sure I want to continue taking.

  2. Trish Nunez

    I lost 12 lbs. during my first 7 weeks. I have been reading that the higher ranked products on this site absorb much better in your body, making them work faster. I think next I’m gonna try GCB Extreme, haven’t tried a green coffee product yet.

  3. Lee Marconi

    there was nothing wrong with the pills themselves except that they are very large for me I can not take anything larger than an aspirin so these were damn near impossible to swallow

  4. Nancy K.

    I’m on the fence with this product. I have been taking it as directed for about 3 weeks along with a diet and exercise routine. So far 4 lbs. lost but i’m not sure if it’s because of the pills or my workouts/diet. Either way I am losing weight and on target to hit my goal of 10 lbs lost by spring break.

  5. RJ

    I bought this product on Amazon about 3 months ago to give it a try. Heard about raspberry ketones from the Dr. Oz special that aired awhile back. This particular product came in some big fricken pills, kinda a chore to swallow. I too them before meals just as directed and didn’t start noticing results until about week 4. It wasn’t a huge amount of weight lost (4 lbs.) but it did help curb my appetite which might have been why I lost any weight at all. Taking a break on weight loss pills for a bit to let my system clear out. I’m thinking of trying a cleanse. Any thoughts?

  6. texasgurl512

    love love love it. My trainer recommended it to me along with a multi vitamin. Lost 25 lbs!! Now on my 3rd bottle.

  7. slicky

    Didn’t do much research but I found this product when searching for raspberry ketone products that meet the Dr. Oz requirements. This one matched all of them so I bought it. Within 3 weeks I had already lost 5 lbs. Not a huge weight loss but it’s showing results. My appetite feels about 20% smaller than before too. Definitively not amazing but it does work. Give it a shot, it’s pretty cheap too.

  8. travis bonner

    I take this product every morning before breakfast. Love it. Steadily losing a healthy 1-2 lbs. every week. I have also been using this really good meal replacement shake that is reducing my appetite.

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