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RightSize Smoothie is a meal replacement that contains a good amount of nutrients and offers a unique herbal appetite suppressant to back their tagline up – that it’s a “Hunger Smashing” shake.  There are a variety of flavors offered and the smoothies have a pretty good taste to them, especially compared to other shakes that are out there right now.  However, they use a soy protein isolate which, if you have not noticed by now, is not something we are crazy about.  They also unfortunately use acesulfame potassium, which is an artificial sweetener.  This is a good shake in the sense that it does help suppress the appetite and it is affordable compared to other similar products, but as it uses the two ingredients we discourage against, we just can’t rate RightSize as one of the best.



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  1. Suzanne Herra Post author

    Tastes pretty good, for a protein powder. Blends well with almond milk and it thickens too. However it doesn’t have as much protein as I would like to see and there is sugar in it too, so that’s not great. It doesn’t really fill me up either, about an hour after I drink my shake I’m already hungry. It’s more like a snack than an actual meal replacement. I would suggest them doubling the protein and just cutting out the sugar – that would make it a whole lot better, in my opinion.

  2. ashley canero Post author

    This shake wasn’t as filling as I’d like it to be but it works as a breakfast replacement for me. I mix it with almond milk and it’s super convenient. Sadly, by late morning or early afternoon I’m hungry again. I like the flavor and texture.

  3. tastegreat Post author

    It’s helped curb my hunger, especially at night so that’s great. I would recommend this product, especially to someone who has cravings and wants to lose weight!

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