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Beachbody, the inventors of popular in-home fitness programs P90X and Insanity, have created a meal replacement shake called Shakeology.  Known as “the healthiest meal of the day”, this shake aims to curb your appetite and is made up of a plethora of unique and all-natural ingredients.  Shakeology claims that it will help build muscle, aid in digestion regulation, absorb nutrients, help maintain a healthy immune system, and give you the necessary vitamins needed.  It is another multi-level marketing product, which, in combination with the ingredients, explains its steep price point of $120 for a one month’s supply.

Shakeology comes in a variety of flavors with whey protein, pea protein and plant-based protein.  They also have a vegan formula.  The formulas consist of over 70 natural and exotic ingredients including high quality plant-based proteins, super fruit, antioxidants, and more, which makes it a top choice for many vegans.  However, because of the blend of exotic ingredients, many people do not care for the taste.  Additionally, as an attempt to sweeten the flavor, Shakeology uses fructose in several flavors – fructose has become very controversial, as studies have shown excess fructose can lead to obesity, heart disease, and other ailments.  Just “Google” it and you’ll find a world of information.

There are a huge group of people out there who swear by Shakeology and drink it on a daily basis – however, if you are looking for something that is fructose free has great flavor and is relatively affordable, this may not be the best option for you!


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  1. Michelle Penny

    These guys go out of their way to supply the best ingredients on earth. My body can tell. I’ve been taking for years and really feel I owe a lot of it to this shake.

  2. shake coach

    As a coach I recommend shakeology but also use. There is nothing else close to this shake that has better ingredients or nutrition. I recommend to all my clients.

  3. NO Sugar

    I haven’t found better ingredients in a shake but I do wish they would take out the FRUCTOSE (basically sugar)… you don’t need this!

  4. Jory

    Although many folks have a hard time with the taste of Shakeology I don’t mind the taste at all..not sure what all the hype is on the awful taste? I mix with strawberries and some almond milk usually and I’m good to go.

  5. ghrettaG

    I just tried 3 samples from a BB coach and I really enjoyed the taste and felt great. I noticed the difference in my energy levels and the lack of cravings I had when I started my day with the shake. Seeing these reviews and also looking at the price, I am trying to decide if I should continue with the Shakeology, OR find a different product to help with the cravings and energy. All these reviews have been really helpful!

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