#8 Swanson Full Spectrum Green Coffee Bean

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Swanson’s Green Coffee Bean is one of the few on our list that never addresses the GCA content of their formula. The GCA is the active ingredient in green coffee beans that provides the fat burning benefits. Nowhere on the label or website does Swanson mention anything about fillers, binders and other artificial ingredients that are added to the mix. The higher quality green coffee bean products make it a point to clearly state their product contains zero fillers and binders. Coming in at just $4.99 it becomes obvious that the quality of ingredients is just not here.

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  1. Mohina

    This product is great. I’ve come home from leave and needed a boost. My average weight loss was only 5 lbs a month but it stays off and makes you eat less and more healthy. I would use this product again

  2. FitnessChamp

    I faithfully took this product for 40 days along with a diet and exercise program. I did not lose any weight during this time. I cannot say that it was helpful in any way.

  3. CheapStuff

    was hoping to save a few bucks on this one because it was soooo cheap. don’t throw your $ away.. by SuperCitramax version

  4. KurtisK

    Been on these 2wks and I really don’t see a difference in taking these. i work out on a regular basis and thought that these would give me that extra push to lose those last 10 lbs but not the case so far.

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