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Ulitmate Garcinia starts off strong with an 60% HCA content and also adds calcium into the mix. Calcium has been shown to possibly increase the absorption of garcinia cambogia in your body, making it more effective. Another unique ingredient added to Ultimate Garcinia is Chromium. Chromium is an essential nutrient your body uses to help maintain a healthy body weight. Chromium helps to metabolize fat, lower cholesterol, and reduce food cravings. Chromium also plays a role in regulating blood sugar. After being intrigued by this unique formula our staff searched the Ultimate Garcinia site for an image of their label to determine the specific HCA strains but we could not find one!  Not displaying the label of actual ingredients is a huge red flag to us as  so make sure you dig deeper in finding out the specific type of HCA used in Ultimate Garcinia.  Remember if you are not getting the very specific strains of HCA, like a pateneted SuperCitrimax strain,  that was proven in clinical studies you may be throwing you hard earned dollars away!

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  1. Robin

    I’m a believer… Garcinia Cambogia does curb the appetite. At least it works for me.
    As other have said, it’s not the end all diet weight loss magic pill. If you cut your calorie intake and up your cardio activity you should see weight loss results.

  2. IndyGal

    It works… It gives me a boost of energy, without making me feel jittery. I don’t need coffee with this product. Reduces appetite SIGNIFICANTLY.

  3. Jessie

    I heard about this on Dr Oz and thought I would give it a try it did not do much for me and that’s along with eating right and going to the gym

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