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Our review of Vitamin Shoppes Raspberry Ketone formula did not take much time. Vitamin Shoppe’s particular brand of supplements does not usually produce very stellar products but instead aims to just fill the gap on their shelves. At a quick glance it appears this formula follows the same methodology. At just 100 mg. of ketones per capsule it waivers behind many of the top formulas in dosage. The directions instruct a dosing pattern of two capsules per day with equaling 200 mg. The formulas we ranked highest in this review are all based around a 500 mg per day dosage of raspberry ketones. At $9.99 per bottle supplying a 30 day dose, the price reflects the quality and time put into their formula. Treat your body like the quality sports car you want it to be, would you fill up your ferrari with low grade diesel fuel? No.

Treat your body the same way and choose a quality ketone formula.

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  1. RaspberryFan

    This stuff really works, I lost 5lb in 3 weeks and I felt more energy, I going swimming twice a week and have a healthy diet, but the help of this products was crucial

  2. Jessica

    This RK gave me a boost of energy, without making me feel jittery. I don’t need coffee with this product. Reduces appetite SIGNIFICANTLY.

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