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As mentioned before, multi-level marketing products are typically priced higher and the concern is that the extra money charged may go to paying the distributors rather than using better ingredients.  This isn’t always the case, but it does happen within this type of sales.  However, Whey Smart has some incredible ingredients to anchor this shake.  Mainly the proteins which consist of a whey and pea blend.  In our opinion the best possible blend of proteins to achieve maximum health and appetite suppression.   Additionally, this shake cuts no corners and uses all-natural stevia rather than artificial sweeteners, which is another very positive factor.  Most shakes we review have artificial sweeteners and flavoring which actually contributes to weight gain!  The only downside we found with this terrific shake is that the texture is a bit chalky


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  1. Andi :) Post author

    I like this product a lot! I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now and have already started shedding a bit of weight. I feel more energized and my pants feel looser! I am excited to keep using this product and see what it can fully offer me!

  2. tera a. Post author

    i really like the natural ingredients that this shake is made up of. it has a bit of a strange taste to it, but because of the ingredients and the protein, it’s something i’m willing to sacrifice.

  3. flowerpowerxx Post author

    I love these shakes! They taste amazing and have excellent ingredients in their mix! Two thumbs up!

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