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Weight Watchers has been around for a long time, and customers using the program do in fact lose weight. The Weight Watchers program is built around the premise that you can eat just about any food you want – and still lose weight. The program assigns “point values” to every food, and you have to stick to your specific daily point value. The hard part, of course, is keeping track of all the different points of the foods you choose to eat.

Their program also encourages you to attend a weekly meeting, where you’ll visit with other people about dieting and do a weekly “weigh in. While those who attend the meetings have a higher success rate in losing weight than those who don’t attend, you have to pay to go to meetings, which adds to their cost.

And speaking of cost, it all depends on where you live and whether or not you use their in-person meeting and their online tools. Unfortunately, Weight Watchers leads all other programs in terms of cost. In a recent CBS News report, Weight Watchers had the highest cost per month, averaging out at $816.

You will lose weight – but plan on spending a lot of time looking up and adding up points on everything you eat, ordering the Weight Watchers food and spending over $800 on food alone!

Weight Watchers was one of the pioneers of weight loss programs, and they’ve been around for a long, long time. Their program is safe, although costly, and their pre-packaged food is completely safe to eat. You do get a variety of foods, because nothing is restricted – only points are counted. No indications of serious risks or side effects have surfaced.

The cost of Weight Watchers varies, depending on where you live, and whether or not you attend the in-person meetings or use their online tools. For example, a monthly pass for unlimited in-person meetings is $39.95 – which also gives you access to their e-Tools online. They also offer you a “pay as you go plan – where meetings are billed at $12 – $15 each. But that doesn’t include food!

And here’s where Weight Watchers leads the pack in terms of cost: in a recent CBS News report, Weight Watchers was the highest cost per month – averaging out at $816. While the cost may vary depending on the foods you order, you can be sure it’ll be close to that amount.

There’s no question that you’ll lose some weight with Weight Watchers. They’ve been around for a while, and have had a lot of success. But if you don’t want to spend you day adding up points, looking up points and ordering the Weight Watchers food – and spending over $700 on food alone – then Weight Watchers is not for you.

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  1. Gary R. Post author

    Super hard to discipline yourself to do this. I feel like losing weight is hard enough and it should be as simple and involve the least amount of sacrifice possible, if you’re paying this much for it. I think I’ll try my luck elsewhere.

  2. webmaster Post author

    I tried weight watchers after I had a baby. It’s kind of hard to stick with the points and it is not cheap, but it does work if you follow the rules to a T. Compared to other weight-loss programs and tactics out there, I would definitely recommend Weight Watchers. It’s an effective and efficient way to go!

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