Now that Dr.Oz has made it official that a protein shake for breakfast can boost metabolism as much as 25%, everybody wants to get onboard. It’s good to have his blessing as many people really respect his knowledge. But lots of people didn’t need his okay because they already knew this from their own experience. These are the people who have been drinking protein shakes for years and have been able to control their weight with little difficulty. They know that the right shake is a GREAT way to start the day and get a healthy boost as well.

Using a protein shake for a meal replacement is a great strategy for several reasons:

  • For one thing, it can be very good for you (provided you choose a healthy shake) and go a long way towards supplying vital nutrients you need to begin your day.
  • Also, it will keep your energy up and your blood sugar stabilized. Keeping your blood sugar stabilized is a big deal! This helps with weight loss or maintenance by keeping cravings down. When blood sugar drops, so feel lousy and want to feel better quick. Sugar and starchy carbs will give you a jolt of quick energy, but sure as the sun rises in the morning, giving in to these cravings will sabotage your best weight loss resolutions.


What to Look for in a Shake?

The ingredients clearly displayed on the label are the key to discovering a shake’s quality. Forget the big words on the front of the bag! They’re designed to confuse you and entice you to buy. For example:

  • Are there inexpensive or controversial ingredients such as soy or rice proteins on the label?
  • Are there artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, or fructose in the mix?
  • Are there hidden sugars such as corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, sorbitol, sucrose, or dextrose?

All of these may be indicators of lower quality and inferior ingredients that can actually sabotage your health and best weight loss efforts.


Look for the Best Blends

Individual types of proteins are very different from one another. They come with varying biological values and absorption rates. Clinical studies show that a blend of proteins leads to keep you full longer than any single source of protein. This only makes sense. Blending different types of proteins means some act faster, others slower. This take advantages of the inherent properties of each and creates a whole that is better than any of the individual proteins alone.
The average person can only absorb 12-18 grams of protein per serving. Weight loss is not so much about the amount of protein in a shake but rather the quality and type of proteins.

Whey protein has the highest BV, or biological value, meaning your body absorbs and utilizes it the best. It is correctly considered the premier protein and often the most expensive. There are several types of whey protein, each of which plays a specific role in absorption, energy-generation, and satiety.

Satiety – getting full and staying full
The best blend of proteins will fill you naturally and make you less hungry for your next meal. There are certain shake ingredients that suppress hunger very well. For example, whey, pea, hemp, and fiber control hunger very well. It’s a waste of time and effort to investigate fancy trademarked names for appetite suppressants — they make little difference. Focus instead on the core engine — the proteins — and how they work together.



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