raspberry_imgWhat is Raspberry Ketone?

One of the latest natural diet supplements gaining incredible amounts of praise is raspberry ketone. This natural fat fighting element comes from the aromatic framework of raspberries. On the molecular level, the “essence” or “aroma” of the fruit increases the release of the metabolic protein, Adiponectin. This protein has been scientifically linked to weight loss. Like many options before it, this nutrient has gained some serious buzz from major media outlets, and even garnered the moniker of “Miracle Fat Burner in a Bottle” by famed medical doctor, and television personality, Dr. Oz.

What to look for?

Before you buy a Raspberry Ketones supplement, there’s something you need to know. Fly-by-night supplement makers are coming out of the woodwork and rush producing their own raspberry ketones product to cash in on the biggest craze of 2013!

While these supplements may be affordable, they may not be as “all-natural” as the label says. Worse yet, these supplements likely do not contain enough natural raspberry ketones to boost metabolic properties and stimulate the production of adiponectin. Results with raspberry ketones are largely dependent on the purity and quality of the ketones you’re buying.

Clinical Study

On several popular episodes of The Dr. Oz Show, dietary supplements have been discussed. But it seems as though, the doctor was unequivocally impressed with Raspberry Ketone. While discussing the latest research with expert dietitian Lisa Lynn, the famed doctor affirmed key health benefits of the supplement, as detailed in studies on weight loss. [Read here] During one show in particular, the doctor made the proclamation that this extract was in fact, a “miracle” solution for fat burning.

Research conducted by many different industry professionals, including highly publicized work from the Department of Medical Biochemistry at Ehime University, has shown evidence that raspberries have a component that stimulates the elimination of fat at the cellular level in the body. In several trials and studies, weight loss was the end result. The changes came in large part to modifications in the body’s metabolic rate, and lipid release, reducing sugar levels in the bloodstream. Simply put, the evidence showed that weight management is made easier by using Raspberry Ketone.


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