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BioPerine®: The Secret Fat Loss Ingredient?

Our team of researchers and fitness experts here at pride ourselves on finding cutting-edge ingredients that actually work. We were surprised to discover that a product as powerful and effective as BioPerine® was rarely included in weight loss products.  This amazing new compound has been proven to increase absorption rates of everyday herbs and minerals as much as 100%!


This discovery could create a whole new playing field for supplements, especially weight loss supplements.   An extract from a very specific, rare black pepper fruit from Southeast Asia may be the holy grail of absorption. BioPerine® literally skyrockets the bio-availability of nutrients in the blood. It is like strapping a rocket to your weight loss supplement! Absorption has become a very controversial issue lately because recent research has shown you might only be absorbing 10-15% of the ingredients in your weight loss supplement. And what you can’t absorb literally ends up in the toilet along with the hard earned cash you spent on the product.  BioPerine® is patented and clinically proven to turbo-charge absorption,  (Check these amazing clinical results.)

If your weight loss product does not address absorption you are killing your chances of losing weight before you even had a chance.

For this reason our top ranked products on this site all address the all critical absorption issues that plague most weight loss supplements.



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