Cleansing — The ONLY winning strategy for weight loss


It’s a fact — we’re all living, breathing garbage collectors!  Our bodies are chocked so full of nasty, sticky, smelly junk that we can’t get clean until we “take out the trash”.  There are so many toxins in our environment today that literally nobody can escape them.  They’re in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, in the food we eat — absolutely everywhere.  Pesticides pollute our food and our back yards and playgrounds; mercury and dioxins (read “poisons”) are in our seafood; antibiotics are fed to animals and end up in our meat, eggs, and dairy products (read everything from hamburgers to ice cream).  They keep our systems bogged down with excess waste and prevent us from being really healthy.  What’s more, they prevent us from losing weight.

The only way to start an weight loss program if you want permanent results is to incorporate regular cleansing into your lifestyle. You want to zero in on the organs most responsible for the elimination of toxins — the colon (large intestine), skin, kidneys and lungs.  If these organs are not cleansed, you stay dirty and the weight will come back.  It has to.  A cleanse allows your body to wipe the slate clean and start fresh, eliminating daily waste and processing nutrients and supplements much more efficiently.

Look for a cleansing product that contains Psyllium Husks, Black Walnut Hull Powder, and Flax Seeds.  These contain essential ingredients that in combination are most effective at ridding your body of toxins.

Do your research and find a quality cleanse before your start any diet program. High quality products will be worth the extra money.


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