Advantra Z®: Ephedra’s safer cousin

During the 1990’s, the weight loss supplement Ephedra was considered by most to be the best fat burner on the market.  But despite its unparalleled results, the FDA banned it in 2004 because of some bad side effects.  Shortly afterwards, Nutratech patented Advantra Z®, a  supplement with the same powerful fat burners as Ephedra but without side effects.

Advantra Z® works by breaking down fats and metabolizing them to produce energy. Let’s translate this into English. Instead of storing fat on your hips and belly (like usually happens), you can actually burn it (like hardly ever happens)!  This is the name of the game and well worth exploring.

Advantra Z® is actually clinically proven to increase metabolic rate and energy. It helps to prolong the fat burning effects of other weight loss ingredients as well, giving you longer-lasting results.  Advantra Z® is an anti-inflammatory and contains antioxidants that help protect and maintain lean muscle.

image4At this time very few companies are using this remarkable new ingredient. It’s relatively new to the market and hasn’t been well-utilized. We love discovering new and exciting nutrients that shed light on how to provide you with some really awesome results.  Make sure that your weight loss supplement contains Advantra Z® if you want the best possible results. If the orange  Advantra Z® logo isn’t on the bottle, chances are that it’s not in the formula.

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