Absorption, the Holy Grail of Weight-Loss??

I have been writing about nutritional supplements for years and was shocked to learn that only between 10-20% of over-the-counter supplements are properly absorbed into our systems.  How could this be?!  Once I read about this, I had to investigate further and see if it was actually true. What i discovered was disturbing — most manufacturers do not address absorption because it makes their product cost more!  They are counting on consumer ignorance –  you know, if the label says 100 grams you must be actually getting 100 grams.  No way!  What I to learned about absorption is worth sharing.

Let me paint a picture.  For a moment, let’s compare your body to a child’s tricycle.  Let’s say you strap an 800 horsepower engine onto the frame.  Do you think it would travel any faster?  No!  For one thing, the tricycle frame is much too small and unequipped to handle all the excess power.


Similarly, mega doses of supplements can be a big waste of money because your body is unequipped to absorb them.  If your body – like the tricycle – can’t make use of it, it just pees it away.  That can be pretty expensive urine – and to boot, it stresses your liver and kidneys as they have to do extra work to eliminate the excess.

Absorption is critical!   There is a growing consensus among doctors, nutritionists, and supplement makers that the biggest obstacle to better nutrition lies in the efficient delivery of nutrients.  It is not so much what nutrients you consume but what you can absorb.

Absorption of weight loss supplements is not easy to achieve and is often overlooked.  The trend has been to create supplements with larger and larger doses because it seems that if you take more, you get better results.  WRONG!  Let’s say for instance that you take “3” mega-dose multivitamins — would you get more out of them than if you took just one?  No! You would see the results of two of the doses as bright yellow urine in your toilet!  This principle holds true for most supplements, especially diet supplements. Taking high doses gets you nowhere, unless you address absorption and delivery methods.   Demand it!

Fortunately there is an answer.  Cutting-edge technology offers new, creative solutions to this long overlooked problem.  Time-released capsules, thermo nutrients, and turbo-boosters offer solutions. Of these innovations, the one with the most patents and successful clinical studies is a rare form of capsaicin called Bioperine which I’ll address in my next blog.


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